Yamamoto Equipment

Yamamoto Manufacturing Co. Ltd. of Hiroshima, Japan has been manufacturing precision Laundry Machinery since 1947. 

Yamamoto Japan Inc. a subsidiary company in Kansas City, MO. was opened in June 2012.

Recognized as technically perfect equipment, the Japanese, as you know, demand exceptionally high standard and over the years Yamamoto has become a pinnacle of success in Japan by meeting those demands by tirelessly looking for and creating a ‘better way to design and build Laundry Equipment’. 

Yamamoto builds 96% of all machinery utilizing 3D – CAD design technology and the most advanced machine tools including robots. Our craftsmen assemble highly accurate processed parts piece by piece, making fine adjustments until superior performance and superior durability are realized.

Our team of professionals pursue perfection in increments of 1/1000’s of a millimeter, undergoing the scrutiny of inspection as all equipment goes through a Quality Control Evaluation and is Test – Run before being shipped to the customer.

The remaining 4% comes from other well known and respected Japanese companies like Toshiba, (over a 55 year relationship with Yamamoto) Mitsubishi, Omron, Sanyo and many others.

Over 30 years ago the Yamamoto reputation quickly took the company into Asian Countries as they were also disillusioned with the quality of Laundry Equipment produced in those Countries. For the last 5 years Yamamoto has been gradually accepted and is now being welcomed here in the USA.

Owners and Distributors are finding out that the Yamamoto Machinery is ‘different’ to what they have been used to.

Yamamoto manufactures equipment that reduces time as well a labor and that benefits the Laundry Industry.
Multi-Weight Washer Extractors that are built ‘differently’
It is difficult for a Yamamoto Machine to go out of balance, saving time and operating costs not to mention, in-time, costly repairs to a traditional machines.

All of the WUN & WUD Machines come with Standard Steam and Cool-Down.

On the same machine platform Yamamoto has developed the uniquely innovative Combo Machine, this is a Washer – Extractor – Dryer. These are available in both Steam and Gas Drying, again reducing operator attendance and drying time.

With the Combo machines, loads can be finished at higher temperatures, more water is extracted and as the next step is drying, quicker drying times can be realized.
New innovations are developed and are to be introduced under this unique design.

Yamamoto builds Small Piece Folders that have consistent production of quality folds, a lot of unique features here as well. These Folders with work as fast as an operator and stop, when the operator stops.