It Is Important To Take Care Of Your Dryer

If you are looking to extend the lifespan of your washer and dryer at home, then you should be aware on how to take care of them. Most people might just crank the laundry in without proper care and that might be harmful to the machine and result in a shorter lifespan of the equipment.


Take note that washers and dryers are sophisticated machines that require proper maintenance to make them last for a long period of time and working at their best. If you fail to address this, you might need commercial dryer parts for replacement when you need repairs.


Here are some of tips on how you can ensure the excellent working condition of such equipment.

Top Loading Washers


  • Make sure that you avoid keeping damp clothing in the drum
  • When you are done using the machine, just leave the lid open for airing everything out
  • Regularly clean the detergent dispenser
  • You could use some help by running the self-clean cycle. You can run your own cycle if your unit doesn’t have one




  • You should remove the lint from the lint catcher before and after each load has been dried
  • You can use detergent to wash the lint catcher so that chemical buildup shouldn’t restrict the airflow
  • Ensure that you would use metal ducts instead of vinyl because they are less of a fire hazard
  • You need to clean the ducts by hiring professionals to do it. Ducts that often get clogged could be potential fire hazard
  • Ensure that airflow is not restricted by allowing ducts that are crimped or pinched. You may need commercial dryer parts to replace this piece if it breaks.


Front-Loading Washers


Based on observations, people tend to prefer front-loading washers because they seem to get clothes cleaner. Owners need to keep the machines dry so that they can work properly and live up to expectations.


  • You have to wipe any moisture off the door and gasket around the door after each wash cycle runs. Wipe the remaining moisture from the drum as well.
  • Use a thick sponge or small towel to keep the washer door open and to keep it dry
  • Avoid letting damp clothes sitting inside the machine
  • Try to follow the manual for self-cleaning cycle every month using a tub cleaner or bleach
  • You also need to clean out the drain pump filter every 2 weeks by referring to the manual of instructions of your unit
  • Ensure that your unit has been in proper balance
  • Regularly clean out the dispenser for detergent.



Taking care of your washer and dryer can sometimes pose a challenge. However, if you need commercial dryer parts as replacement for broken or damaged units, then you need to refer your machine to professionals for repair.


If your dryer needs repair, it is best that you consider expert services. If you fail to consult a professional, you might just worsen the condition because you do not handle the issues properly.

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July 12, 2018
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