The Most Common Parts You’ll Need for Your Coin-Operated Laundry

If you own a coin-operated laundry, you probably chose washers and dryers from trusted brands like Milnor, Unimac, and Speed Queen. These are some of the best brands in the business since they’re known for producing high-quality machines that can last for a long time. But, no matter how tough and sturdy your machines are, they’ll still develop performance issues down the line, and some washer parts wear fairly easily. This is particularly true if you get customers who don’t follow instructions and misuse or abuse your laundry equipment.


Because of this, it’s important for you to be familiar with laundry equipment maintenance and servicing. This way, you can easily identify the issues that your machines might experience and know when to call your technician. To help you get started, we’ve listed some of the washer parts that commonly break down and are the usual suspects for washer problems:



Washers are highly dependent on their motors so, when these parts wear out, the machines won’t be able to function properly and will even fail to turn on. The problem with this is that your washer’s motor is one of the parts that gets a lot of use. So, if you have plenty of customers every day and your machines get constant and heavy use, you can expect the motors to wear down over time.


When they reach the tipping point, you’ll notice that the motors easily overheat and cause the machines to stop working. A washer motor usually cools down if you turn the washer off and give it time to relax, but the fact that it’s already overheating is a sign of damage and means that you’ll need to call your technician soon.


Water pumps

Your washer’s water pump is responsible for circulating the water around the tub and draining it out once the laundry is done. So, when the pump goes awry, you might find that your washer leaks large amounts of liquids or that it no longer functions effectively.


The problem with water pumps is that they’re usually made of plastic, which is why they easily break. It can develop blockages (which prevent it from circulating water), and its seals eventually wear down (which causes water to drip from the bottom of the washer).



In certain washer makes and models, the water pump is powered by a belt. When the belt gets damaged, it can affect the pump’s performance or even cause it to stop working altogether. A damaged or worn-out belt can also slip out from the washer’s pulleys and prevent the tub from moving. This means that your customers will end up with wet clothes that haven’t gone through any washing cycle and still dirty.



Gaskets are used to prevent water in washers from escaping so, when these parts bad, you’ll most likely end up with leaky machines that drip water all over the floor. This is particularly true if you own front-loading washers. If you own washer-dryer machines, the doors will also have gaskets that prevent heat from escaping. If these gaskets break down, your equipment won’t be able to retain heat and you’ll need to find the right washer parts or dryer parts asap.


These are some of the washer parts that you should watch out for. If you’re having problems with these components, get in touch with Viking Services and let us help you fix your coin-operated laundry machines.


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July 12, 2017
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