Milnor Commercial Washer Parts

The United States was experiencing a boom with washing machines, but then came the Great Depression. Since people could no longer afford to purchase their own, entrepreneurs decided to buy them, then rent them out. Parts for Milnor commercial washer tend to get really beaten up over the course of a day. Many people use the machines to varying degrees, and parts tend to break down over time. For years people were looking for something better.

The Milnor family of New Orleans, Louisiana couldn’t have timed their entry into the business of making commercial laundry parts in 1947 perfectly. People were still finding it difficult to buy their own washing machine in the 1950s so they were still dependent on commercial establishments to clean their clothes.

The trend of going to a commercial laundry service that started decades ago still exists to this day. And Milnor Laundry is still going strong 64 years after they launched their business.

Today, the company remains a top producer of dryers, washers, and washer-extractors. They have more than 500 washing machine part experts at their 400,000 square foot complex in New Orleans working to deliver the highest quality laundry equipment.

Milnor Laundry remains a family owned business and their machines are all made in-house.


Milnor Washer Parts

Washing machines break down – that is a part of its life cycle. But there are problems that can be fixed by replacing some parts. And many parts for Milnor commercial washer are available at Viking Laundry Service.

A timer is considered the brain behind the functions of a washing machine. It is comprised of many contact switches that open and close to allow the various components to work. Usually, it’s also the first component checked in a malfunctioning washer, but of course it’s not always the cause.

Washers also have a safety mechanism built to avoid injuries and other accidents. This comes in the form of the lid switch. Certain functions will be interrupted once a lid is opened. This component can be to blame when a washer won’t spin anymore.

A water valve is used to supply the washing machine with water from the home. This component controls hot or cold water through solenoids, one is responsible for cold water and the other for hot water. Valve screens can clog up over time due to the buildup of debris resulting in reduced water volume entering the tub. When this happens, it will take a lot of time for the washer’s tub to fill up with water.

Washers also have a water pump that is responsible for circulating water. It circulates water during the wash cycle then drains it during the spin cycle.

Clothes need to be moved around to loosen soil and dirt. The responsibility for that lies with the agitator, which rotates continuously during the wash cycle. During this phase, clothes are getting cleaned by rubbing against each other.

Helping out the agitator is the motor. It provides the motion required for washing and rinsing and it can be set at different speeds.


Viking Laundry Service

Other parts for Milnor commercial washer include coin meters, drain valves, and relays. If you’re looking for parts or service on your Milnor commercial washer or dryer, contact Viking Services today.


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