Different Markets that Can Benefit from a Better On Premise Laundry Service

A lot of people have dirty clothes and other items to throw into the wash. While some do their laundry from the comfort of their homes, others head to a nearby laundry shop to have their items washed and dried. Then there are also establishments that could really benefit from having an on premise laundry service. Let’s take a look at a few of them:


Athletic Facilities


Gyms and fitness centers aren’t just found in main streets; schools and some offices have them as well. These kind of facilities need a lot of items to be washed and dried, fast. Towels, in particular, make up a huge part of an athletic facility’s laundry volume. As such, an on premise laundry with high-spin machines that remove water quicker and reduce drying time are essential.


Schools that have a sports team – or more than one of them – can also benefit from having an in-house laundry service. This way, it’s easier to take care of team uniforms and other necessities such as towels used during practice and matches. A lot of team uniforms are made from moisture-wicking material, and that needs special handling. All the more better to set up laundry services within campus to make sure everything goes right.


Fire Department


Firemen are exposed to a lot of chemicals and agents in their line of work. As such, their clothing and gear can’t just be sent off to any cleaner. Contaminants that soil a fireman’s gear can also be a public health hazard so it really needs to be dealt with.


Given the nature of what firemen are exposed to, the National Fire Protection Association have guidelines on how to properly wash and dry apparel worn by firemen. Careful cleaning is important to ensure proper decontamination. This is one of the reasons a fire department can benefit from having an on premise laundry service.


Healthcare Facilities


Hospital and clinics have a strict infection control procedure. People with varying degrees of health concerns visit such establishments and it’s important that nothing exacerbates their condition when they are inside a health facility. This is why sheets, pillowcases, and any other material that patients use should be properly cleaned. Plus, such facilities also deal with issues such as incontinence so a fast change of sheets and their cleanup is required.


Hospitality Facilities


Hotels and motels function like a second home. In short, lots of things need to be washed. Sheets, pillowcases, towels, and even the guest’s dirty laundry need to be cleaned. But when it comes to the laundry of guests, hospitality facilities can choose to implement vended machines or an actual laundry service where customers leave items to be washed in a laundry bag.


Spa or Salons


Like athletic facilities, towels will comprise a majority of laundry volume in facilities like spas or salons. And in order to provide customers with a luxurious experience, spas offer soft and fluffy robes, which do need to be cleaned after single use by a client for sanitary purposes.


An on premise laundry service allows establishments to better monitor the washing and drying quality as well as provide a faster and more efficient service for their clients.



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March 16, 2018
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