Becoming More “Green” With Commercial Washer Parts And Service

It cannot be denied: running a laundry service means buying commercial washer parts and dryer parts, in addition to using resources that are increasingly becoming scant. Many parts of the world – and in the US as well – are experiencing water shortages. As such, this is forcing business owners to rethink their strategies to ensure that customers are justified in paying for a service.


Many businesses are now moving towards “going green” and that includes the laundry industry. Yes, owners of washing services need not only thinking about buying commercial washer parts and providing extra services. Business owners also need to think about the effects of their business on the environment.


But how does a laundromat “go green” exactly?



Designing with green principles


Many washers and dryers are now tagged eco-friendly, but simply getting that kind of equipment won’t help towards saving the environment. In other words, your business needs to do more. And sometimes, doing more simply means designing your premises to take advantage of natural resources and using quality commercial washer parts for your machines.


If you are still in the planning stages, asking for big, clear windows allows your laundromat to be served by sunlight before using powered sources. This is particularly helpful during the summer when daylight lasts longer.


Those who already have an existing structure can think about installing skylights. It still provides customers with more than enough light to wash their clothes, dry them, fold them, and take them back to the car.



Adhering to industry best practices


It always helps to look into industry best practices before going into the laundry business, or any other venture for that matter. Doing so helps you establish a service that is in line with what is deemed favorable and as such, it equips you for the future as well.


Starting a business using subpar equipment and materials is folly. How can you break even if you have to get commercial washer parts every so often because machines keep breaking down? The machines you buy should be able to withstand abuse for as long as possible before needing to be changed.



Investing in the latest technologies


You cannot run a business using outdated equipment. Customers are increasingly demanding more quality in exchange for their money, and that extends to laundry services. Not only that, they are also becoming more socially conscious. They care about the impact of their actions on the environment.


As such, business should also respond. There’s no use being stuck in the past. And if catering to that demand means investing in the latest technologies then that should be done. Plus, doing so will not only driver customers in but also benefit the business as a whole.


For instance, investing in high-speed equipment helps you save on water, energy, and detergent because they use less. And they get laundry done more quickly which saves time and increases revenue.



The call to “go green” is getting stronger and businesses need to adapt in order to survive. But adhering to sustainable practices shouldn’t be carried out in one go, especially if the business is already existing. Take things one step at a time. After all, you do need to generate income in order to keep operations running.


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November 17, 2017
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