Differences between UniMac’s Industrial Washer Extractors and Regular Washing Machines

You could never go wrong with on-premises laundry equipment from UniMac. UniMac washer parts are durable and tailored for the demands of the commercial laundry market. Even better, their innovations help reduce costs which is always good for business. Although their laundry equipment is made for the commercial market, choosing between a UniMac washer extractor and a regular washing machine can be quite the challenge.


Deciding which one to go for requires knowing how different the machines are from each other. That said, here’s a look at the difference between UniMac’s washer extractor and regular washing machines:


UniMac Washer Parts are made for Commercial Service


UniMac washer extractors come in different varieties, each designed to handle large loads for various facilities. The company’s high-performance industrial washer extractor is best for hotel and long-term care facilities. It also offers innovations that lower costs and provide higher throughput. They also have mid-performance commercial washer extractors for establishments, like small hotels, that don’t really need really high G-Force extraction.


Above all, a commercial washer comes in various pound capacities. This means that a laundry service can offer different capacities to suit the needs of customers.


A Commercial Washer Extractor Uses High Spin Cycles


Regular washing machines can do their task at a leisurely pace but those who avail of commercial laundry services are usually in a hurry. They need clothes, linens, and other items washed and dried at the quickest possible time. Plus, large loads need to be put in at once.


With high spin cycles, a washer extractor can extract water quicker which also cuts the amount of time items need to be dried. That alone can help save on costs, which is always helpful for facilities that do a lot of washing such as hospitals, hotels, motels, and spas.


They Can Handle Very Large Laundry Volumes


Just thinking about the number of items that need to be washed and dried in small, medium, and large-sized establishments is a good reason to get a washer extractor. As mentioned, such machines come in different sizes designed to handle different loads.


A smaller facility, like a motel or a spa, can opt for high-performing machines and have one that provides for their exact needs. Larger establishments, like hotels, wash a huge number of towels, robes, sheets, and even clothes in a single day. UniMac can offer a machine that suits exactly their needs. Plus, sticking to the brand makes it easier to find UniMac washer parts in case something goes wrong.


A UniMac washer extractor is also built to take on the use and abuse of commercial laundry service. As such, it will take a long time – with proper maintenance of course – to call for UniMac washer parts replacement.


Choosing between UniMac’s washer extractor and a regular washing machine shouldn’t have to be that hard though. If you know that you’re establishment is going to handle large laundry volumes each day, you won’t go wrong with choosing a UniMac machine.


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March 23, 2018
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