What Purpose-Built Convalescent Homes On-Premises Laundry Should Be Like

The on premise laundry service needs of convalescent homes are very similar to those in the hotel and laundromat industries. This is why custom-designed laundry systems provide the perfect solution.

After all, it is the best way to ensure that operating costs are kept to a minimum and that a government’s sanitation guidelines are met. When washers and dryers are purpose-built, it also ensures that convalescent homes’ operators can attend to the laundry needs of their residents.


Convalescent Homes On Premise Laundry Design Should:


Feature Modern Technology

Washers can be designed to combine speed, strength, and efficiency without sacrificing installation costs and design flexibility. Extraction speed can be optimally designed while dry times are reduced. Throughput is also increased. Some machines are even designed to deliver fast cycle time so operating hours and utilities are reduced.


Help Reduce Costs

Depending on the on premise laundry design, the system can reduce labor by up to 1 hour per day and ensure linen life is extended. In convalescent homes where incontinence can be a problem, reduced cost and labor time can make a huge impact on operational costs and time.


Compliant with Government Standards

Hospitals, convalescent homes, nursing homes, and healthcare facilities are required to follow and meet stringent infection control standards. Since regular commercial washers and dryers are designed with consideration to such government requirements, only a custom-designed convalescent homes laundry service will do. These can be made with features that document each cycle and water temperature used, complete with date and time stamps, for easy monitoring.


Meets Appropriate OPL Procedures

Before convalescent homes acquire an on premise laundry service, they must ensure that it supports proper procedures that ensure safe and efficient operation of a laundry facility.

One of the top priorities is an easy-to-use control system across both washers and dryers so that employees don’t need to learn two different sets of control panels to use both machines. Equipment with a dual-capability control system is sure to help achieve maximum efficiency and increased productivity.

A programmable system is also ideal so it will be easier to set certain wash and dry cycles for a select group of options. This will also minimize mistakes with the laundry process.


Supports Performance Monitoring

Convalescent homes laundry service with advanced monitoring software supports the previous requirement. That is, it will help ensure that OPL procedures are followed to the letter at all times, including following standard safety precautions and procedures for laundry operators. Laundry systems that can do these can make a huge difference.


Offers Industrial Strength

Considering the number of loads convalescent homes handle on a daily basis, an on premise laundry system must be of industrial strength. It should be able to handle the rigors of washing all day every day for a long period of time. Replacement should be infrequent despite the constant use and abuse.


Also, it should wash and clean thoroughly without costing an operator a staggering amount of money and utility costs.


In addition, convalescent homes laundry service must be eco-friendly. Wash programs that reduce water usage, for example, are one way that convalescent homes can do their part in caring for the environment.


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December 15, 2017
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