Common Problems That Plague Washer and Dryer

With continued innovation and technological advancements, washers and dryers are more reliable and durable than ever. UniMac commercial washers and dryers are no exception. Thus, parts for UniMac commercial washer and dryers may seem hard to find.


The brand has been known to produce high-quality laundry equipment and continues to do so to this day. You can expect their products to handle heavy-duty washing requirements and large loads and still last for years, especially with proper care.


Like most appliances, however, UniMac laundry equipment goes through wear and tear. The good news is the most common problems a machine experiences can be fixed when you buy replacement parts for UniMac commercial washer and dryer.


Common Washer Problems

  • Drum won’t spin

Overloading the washer can cause the drum not to spin. Remove a few garments and the washer should work. But if the load is light and the drum still won’t spin, a belt replacement may be in order.

  • Leaky inlet hose

You know the inlet hose is leaking when it takes a long time for the water to fill up the washer or it won’t fill up at all. Seal the leaky hose with patching materials or replace it entirely.

  • Clogged drain

When the clothes come out of the washer dripping wet, you might have a clogged drain pipe that keeps water from emptying out all the way. It is best to hire an expert to locate the waste line and find and remove the clog.

  • Noisy operation

When the washer is noisy, a foreign object could be causing that sound as the drum spins. If you can’t find any, time to call in an expert. The equipment itself might need replacement parts for UniMac commercial washer.

  • Detergent doesn’t dispense

If the automatic detergent dispenser doesn’t work as expected, the dispenser might need to be cleaned of built-up residue or clogs.

  • Washer doesn’t finish a cycle

If the washer continues to run even after a cycle has completed, the timer might be the problem.


Common Dryer Problems

  • Dryer doesn’t work

This can happen if the heating elements in the dryer burned out or became damaged over time. Replacements are needed to bring the dryer back to life.

  • Noisy operation

Over time, the moving parts of a dryer will show signs of wear by making noise. If you hear squeaking, humming, squealing, or thumping, the dryer needs to be checked.

  • Drum doesn’t tumble

A defective belt could be the problem, especially when the motor runs fine but the tumble doesn’t work. Just like you would need parts for UniMac commercial washer, your dryer could also use a belt replacement.

  • No heat

Check the dryer settings and see if the timer selection and fabric temperature are appropriately set.

If it is and the drum is tumbling but the dryer doesn’t produce heat, call for expert troubleshooting. The thermal fuse, coil, thermostat, and other heating elements may need replacement.

  • Too hot

When a dryer gets too hot, turn it off and have it checked right away. Don’t wait for the machine to overheat, cause buildup of carbon monoxide, or even cause a fire.


Parts Replacement Can Solve the Problem

Many problems with UniMac machines can be solved by replacing parts. Viking Services carries a large inventory of parts for UniMac commercial washer and dryer and can provide the parts replacement you need right away.


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May 04, 2018
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