Common Commercial Dryer Repairs and Solutions

You can be frustrated if you come by some problems with common commercial dryers. In fact, it can cause a headache if your laundry goes wrong due to a broken dryer.


Everything can be going fine but if your clothes start to come out of the dryer without being completely dry, then you could be facing issues with your dryer. This is not the end of the world because there are effective solutions for such problems.


Commercial Dryer Service Problems

Several solutions can be applied by commercial dryer services in your area. Here are top problems and possible solutions that you can get.


Unusual Vibration And Occurrence Of Strange Noises


When your dryer produces strange noises and vibrates unusually, then your dryer is going through certain issues. The possible reason for this is the failure of the dryer drum seal.


This can be due to frequent overloading or contact with foreign objects. This can be resolved by replacing the seal.


Dryer Never Heats Up


A common issue many people see in their homes is the dryer will run but never heat up properly. The possible reason for this occurrence is a faulty thermal fuse. Most commercial dryer service providers prompt the solution for this issue is replacing the broken thermal fuse.


Normally, this can be due to clogged lint screens, blocked ventilation, or when the machine gets frequent overloads. You need to find reliable commercial dryer service personnel to handle this job.


Dryer Fails To Start


Similarly, when the dryer will not start or run at all, then the common culprit is often the faulty thermal fuse. You can experience this problem when the lint screen has been clogged, ventilation has been blocked, or the machine has been overloaded.


Replacing the thermal fuse can easily resolve this issue. You can seek the assistance of commercial dryer service centers in your area.


Clothes Don’t Dry Even When The Dryer Is Running


When you encounter this type of problem, then the possible reason for this is the broken heating element. If you don’t want to experience this when drying your laundry, make sure that your lint screen is not clogged or the ventilation has not been blocked.


You should also make sure that you don’t pack your dryer full with too much laundry. However, if this condition keeps on recurring, then you have to allow commercial dryer service experts to replace your heating element.


Dryer Shuts Off Immediately After Running For A Short While


You could be facing issues with your thermostat if your dryer suddenly shuts off after initially running for a short while. When this happens, you should have the thermostat replaced by qualified commercial dryer service personnel.


This can be due to a clogged lint screen, blocked ventilation, or an overloaded machine. If you can not figure out why the dryer is having an issue, then you should have it checked by a commercial dryer service outlet nearest you.


You are advised to have your dryer maintained regularly if you want it to last longer and work harder for you. Overloading your dryer is a famous reason why your dryer gets into trouble.


Make sure you have it cleaned regularly to keep the ventilation and the lint screen free of any obstructions to avoid future problems.


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June 22, 2018
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