Washer and Dryer Maintenance Tips for Commercial Laundry Business Owners

With the continuous growth in tourism and the hospitality industry, commercial laundry industry has transformed into a billion dollar business. That said, joining the bandwagon of business-minded individuals opening their own laundry business can be a wise move that also needs subsequent wiser decisions, such as, knowing the importance of proper maintenance of laundry equipment and where to get the right laundromat service quotes.

While requesting for laundromat service quotes from a trusted laundry service provider is easy, knowing what you can do from your end to maintain your washer and dryer equipment puts you ahead of the competition. This is because not all business owners are hands-on with running their companies.

So, whether you are planning to put up a laundry business or already operating one, prioritizing the upkeep and maintenance of your laundry systems is of utmost importance.


You probably shouldn’t attempt a DIY installation.

Your washer and dryer systems will be subjected to abuse and overuse, especially if you have coin-operated and card-operated washing machines and dryers. If they are not installed properly, this can lead to damage of the units and even fire if the plugs and electrical outlets do not match. Be sure to have your systems installed and serviced by a team of professionals for proper installation and safety.

For Dryers

  • Keep the dryer free of lint

See to it that the lint filter is clean before loading the dryer with wet clothes. If the load includes fabric that creates more lint than usual, say, a towel, do not dry it in full cycle so you can clean the lint filter halfway. But if you are running a laundromat where customers are the ones using the equipment, ensure to clean the dryer at the end of the day. 

  • Periodically subject your vent to inspection

If your dryer vent is not properly working, air will not pass through it properly as the dryer operates and this can lead to overheating. Not only can this damage the washer, but also, it can increase the risk of fire hazards. If there is no air coming out, turn off the washer and inspect the vent for lint accumulation and blockage.

  • Inspect the exhaust duct monthly

The exhaust duct is connected to your wall and runs from the back of the dryer. Check it for debris or lint that can block the duct and cause it to not work properly.


For Washers

  • Keep water inlet valves clean

Water inlet valves are responsible for filling up washers and should be kept free from blockage. If damaged or blocked, clothes will not be dried properly and water will not fill as it should.

  • Clean the drum of the washer

Removing soap and dirt from the drum on a yearly basis is imperative to prevent buildup. If this is overlooked, these elements can affect the odor of the laundry.

  • Inspect hose and belts

Both inlet and outlet hoses should be checked for wear-and-tear as well as leaks, periodically. Conversely, belts should be inspected for cracks and damage twice a year and necessary repairs or replacements should be done.

  • Keep the door and drum gasket clean

See to it that the gasket is wiped dry and cleaned regularly to prevent buildup that can damage it. It also helps to leave the washer door open overnight for natural drying.


With proper maintenance, your washer and dryer systems can last longer. But overtime, your equipment will still need repairs and replacement. Minimize your expenses by asking for laundromat service quotes to find the best deals.




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May 17, 2017
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