A Guide To Buying The Best Washer

If you are someone that wants to buy a new set of washing equipment for personal or business use, then you have come to the right place. It is beneficial to have some knowledge on the basics before going to the shop. With some basic information, you will be able to pick out the best washer for your needs.


Here are some hints on how to pick the product that would suit your budget and preferences. If none of these seem like a good pick, you might want to consider a commercial washing service.


Top Load Vs Front Load Washers


There are two different models of washers. When choosing between a top load and a front load washer, you should weight the benefits of both. They each have distinct differences that would help you get an ideas on which one would suit your specific needs.


So here are some factors that you need to think about.


  • Will this new washer fit your home?
  • You might also want to consider the drum size
  • Perhaps the price would matter to you the most


Performance Matters


Stain removal performance is a vital factor to pay attention to because it is a primary reason people wash their clothes in the first place. When it comes to stain removal performance, the top-load washers take the lead score. However, front-load washers only falls slightly behind.


  • Does High Efficiency Matter?


It has been stated by the American Cleaning Institute that the front-load washing machines have high efficiency. This is due to the fact that they are designed to tumble-clean your clothes as they rely on less water during the washing process. The only tradeoff is the time to finish the cleaning cycle, which would take slightly longer than top-load washers would.


Special Features


Although washing machines basically look the same, not all washers are created equal. This can be obvious due to the existence of high-end models in commercial washing service.


  • Auto-dispense feature – this feature provides a way to detect the amount of detergent you would require when you are going to wash clothes. Thus, it would automatically dispatch the excess amount from the reservoir, saving the rest for the next cycles.
  • Built-in faucet or sink – this can favor those with smaller sized laundry room because it can accommodate a standalone sink. You can also pre-treat tough stains and hand wash delicate items. Others have integrated faucets into their designs.
  • Multiple washer tubs – just as small washing machines to fit in your laundry area, small-capacity washing machines simply fit in the pedestal.
  • Giant capacities – when you are no longer satisfied with the standard-sized washers, then perhaps the mega-sized top and front-load models should be right for you.


App For Washing Machines


There are some mid- to high-end washers that operate with the help of an app. Among the advantages of such integration is the ability for users to view the status of the cleaning cycle from the device. They are alerted when the cycle has finished.


You can also apply integrations to inform the user when the time is up. Some models can include voice control integration, which efficiently respond to the voice commands. All of these new features and app integration will help make your life easier when doing a load of laundry.

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July 19, 2018
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