Offering Guests a Better On Premise Laundry Service Experience

An on premise laundry service is a great addition to your hospitality business. When you have washers and dryers on site, your guests no longer have to find a place to do their laundry. Although providing this kind of service offers convenience, there are still ways to make it better. Here are a few ideas:


Offer Extra Services


Guests are in town for a reason: they want to explore. However, needing to do laundry strips away time; time that could be used to experience what a certain place has to offer. So why not offer each of your guests a laundry bag where they can put all of their dirty clothes, which you will make sure to get washed and folded within the day?


Another option is to ask them to drop their clothes that need to be washed where your laundry room is located. Or, they can start the washing service but you will take care of throwing the washed clothes in the dryer and folding them after.


Provide Simple “Amusements”


Doing laundry can be really boring. Since not everyone enjoys seeing a machine spin clothes, why not provide guests with some other form of entertainment? You don’t have to be really fancy; even the simple pleasures will do. For instance, you can provide some reading material in the form of newspapers (for the day), magazines, and even books.


Your on premise laundry service can also offer free coffee to guests while they wait for their clothes to finish in the wash. Or, you can go for a revenue-generating option in vending machines for both food and drink. If your space allows it, you can also add an arcade machine, which can entertain children and the child at heart.


Install a Change Machine


Not everyone who does laundry has a bunch of coins on them all the time. Sometimes, they need their bills changed. While you can always stock coins, why not let a machine do it for you?


If you want to go the cashless route, swipe cards can be your go-to method. That way, guests can just top up when their balance is running a bit low.


Have a Mix of Different Sized Machines


Guests can stay for as long or as short as they want. Sometimes, your guests can be a family with more than three members. This means that they will have a bunch of laundry to do. As such, it helps to have a machine that allows them to dump all their dirty clothes for just one wash.


Sometimes, installing machines with different weight loads might come later. You just can’t tell from the get go if there will be large families booking in your place.


Have Some Chairs or Benches


Doing laundry means having to wait. As such, it helps to provide some sort of seating where your guests can wait while machines get working on their laundry.


An on premise laundry service really helps guests out but you can do much more to make the experience worthwhile.


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January 12, 2018
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